SPIRIT Fashion Show is a show that prides itself on its soul by combining aesthetics with concept. We don't just want to look fierce, we also want to feel good. We believe that fashion is more than looks because we are based in the SPIRIT Organization who's main goal is to celebrate and educate people on cultural diversity that can fulfill the mind and body.



Models consist of individuals who understand that beauty is channeled directly from the soul. They believe that all forms of raw expression posses a mystical beauty that has the power to affect other people. By bring life into clothes, models are able to change they way we see clothes and their influence on society.


Designers are here to show us styles that speak to the inner most corners of our hearts and minds. Their clothes make us question the role of fashion and the power it has to express culture. Our designers are passionate about experimenting with expression and are willing to open up and share with the world their creations.


It is important that a goal of the singers, dancers, and actors is to allow the theme of the show to be conveyed in all aspects. The most fun part of performing during the fashion show is definitely the reactions from the audience, but one can also enjoy how the show comes together blending the fashion with the performers and creating one cohesive show.