SPIRIT Racing Systems (SRS) is the part of SPIRIT that focuses on buggy, the gravity powered and human-propelled vehicle race that takes place in Schenley Park each April. We are known for our strength and speed, our adaptability, and the most important part: the team. We have camaraderie and cohesiveness that many teams don’t, and this gives us a competitive leg up all year round.



Drivers go inside the buggies and drive them around the course, getting to experience adrenaline as they soar down the hill. Drivers are key players on the road to victory. They provide essential feedback about the buggies and help make critical decisions to guide their team to success. SRS drivers are constantly praised for being both cute and fierce.


Mechanics build, design, and maintain the buggies for performance and safety. SRS mechanics run on a culture of innovation, diversity, creativity, and analytical decisions. Mechanics work with a variety of different materials and components, including various metals, plastics, foams, polyurethane, carbon fiber, fiberglass, and many more.


Pushers are responsible for the relay race portion, and SPIRIT has notoriously strong push teams. As an SRS pusher you will run the buggy through your leg of the course, competing against other teams. At the end of your hill, you pass the buggy off to your teammate. Your goal is to be the strongest pusher out there, both physically and mentally, to propel your team to victory.